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COURSES BOOKING NOW 2015 Nuts & Bolts Foundation Deliver the new National Curriculum non-core areas with a fun and practical approach!  MANCHESTER 5th May, 16th Jun 2015 BIRMINGHAM 8th May, 23rd Jun 2015 LIVERPOOL 14th May, 18th Jun 2015 BRISTOL 19th May, 2015 LONDON 22nd May, 22nd Sep 2015 SOUTHAMPTON 11th June, 25th Sep 2015 LEEDS 25th June, 29th Sep 2015 CARDIFF 2nd July, 13th Oct 2015 Nuts & Bolts Core Increase your skills to deliver the new National Curriculum core subject areas!  MANCHESTER 4th May, 15th Jun 2015 BIRMINGHAM 7th May, 22nd Jun 2015 LIVERPOOL 13th May, 17th Jun 2015 BRISTOL 18th May, 2015 LONDON 21st May, 21st Sep 2015 SOUTHAMPTON10th June, 24th Sep 2015 LEEDS 24th June, 28th Sep 2015 CARDIFF 1st July, 12th Oct 2015 BOOK NOW BOOK NOW Home