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Home Courses About Us Contact Book now FAQ Will there be Addison support in my area? Yes! Our advisers are prepared to travel to help you and your colleagues. That way you receive the advice most suitable for your school.  Will you come to my school? Yes! In addition to courses and conferences we are committed to supporting individual school needs that are sometime quite unique. We therefore provide bespoke training for individual schools. This could be on a one to one basis, teams of colleagues or whole staff groups.  What if our school cannot afford bespoke in-house training? In order to receive individual bespoke training school club together and share costs. You will still get individual treatment that way.  What backgrounds do your consultants come from? All our advisers were or still are teachers and/or senior school leaders. We understand the pressure schools are under to delver effective education for their children with a very packed workload.  Are your prices competitive? Yes. We constantly keep our eye on market prices. We deliver effective support and training for the lowest prices in relation to quality.  My school is not in the UK. How will you support us? We have colleagues within our teams who are experienced and confident at working in a vast variety of international contexts. We are happy to discuss your needs.  I work in a private school. Will you support us? Yes! Addison Education is an inclusive organization. Our aim is to develop colleagues to provide excellent education for their pupils regardless of whether it is in the private or maintained sector.  I am a child minder. Will you provide training for me? Yes! Subject to demand, we can organize training to support groups of colleagues in a range of children’s services contexts.  Do you provide training for special schools? Yes! We are fully committed to developing the educational potential of all children. We will discuss your needs and strive to provide you with the support your work with ALL children.  How do I pay for your services? Payment can be made through direct transfer or cheque.  What are ‘early bird’ prices? When we launch a course we want to reward those colleagues who commit to our activities. We therefore have a reduced price system for early bookings. This applies mainly to courses and conferences.  Do you provide training and support for High Schools and Colleges? Addison education has been established over 3 years. During this time we have focused mainly on Primary and Early Years contexts. However, we are expanding all the time and hope to develop this area according to demand.  How do you recruit your consultants? Our consultants are hand picked by Addison Education. All consultants come will excellent references and are personally vetted by our recruitment team. All recruits must agree and comply with our philosophy to proved inclusive training and support for school with the premise of building capacity.  How do you quality assure your work? Every activity carried out by Addison Education is meticulously quality assured. Each and every quality assurance form is read thoroughly and placed on a spreadsheet to clearly identify the strengths and weakness of the provision as identified by you, the consumer.  What if I consider an activity a ‘waste of time’ after I have taken part? We have all experienced training sessions or individual support, which we feel totally irrelevant to the needs of your children. Hopefully this will not happen with Addison Education as we ensure that the intentions of the activity are clearly described before you take part.  If, however, you do not think an activity has the potential to have impact on the education of your pupils, we will refund your fee in full.  I have a disability. Do you take this into account when delivering support? Yes! All booking forms have a section to enable you to record your individual requirements. As Addison Education is an inclusive organization we will do our utmost to fulfill your needs so that you can totally access our services.
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